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The funds you see listed below are the funds the Foundation is highlighting as the highest priority. To search for a specific fund, if known, please use the search function at the top of this page. If you have any questions contact us at 480.651.8800 or by email

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CCF Featured Funds
Care Forever Fund
This new endowment fund will aid those serving the most needy in our community. The fund supports those that carry out our Gospel call to care for our neighbors, mind, body and soul. Each year, the Foundation will grant out the yearly distribution to organizations that serve the most needy through an application process (occurs in February through May each fiscal year). The Foundation's goal is to build this fund to $15,000,000 whereby $600,000 is distributed annually... forever!
Vocation Forever Fund
Did you know the cost to attend seminary school costs over $40,000 per year, and can take up to 8 years to fulfill the educational and training requirements? Help to offset these costs for our future priests and sisters so that the burden to achieve an education is not born alone.
Life Forever Fund
Help us to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This fund is dedicated to benefiting those organizations who focus on the sanctity of life. Annual distributions are used solely for this purpose. Help us to make a difference!
Catholic Education Forever Fund
Did you know the average tuition is over $14,000 per year for a child to attend Catholic school? Did you know this does not include the price of extra curricular activities, books and other supplies? Help us to make Catholic education more affordable and accessible. This fund provides scholarship support, tuition assistance, and recognizes students who have shown a propensity to give back to their community. No child should be denied a Catholic education because of the cost. Help us to make this a reality!
  The Giving Circle Fund
The Giving Circle is the meaningful granting program of the Catholic Community Foundation. It is unique, as each member is an active participant in the community grant-making process and plays an important role in granting out the Giving Circle's annual membership fees, along with the Foundation's other grantable endowments. Last year over $120,000 was voted on and distributed by members! The members cast a vote in the grant-awarding and have an opportunity to connect with grant recipients and understand the needs of the community. It is the ONLY Catholic giving circle in Arizona! Membership and payment information can be found above, in the "Giving Circle Membership & Payment Information" button.
  FullCircle Program Catholic Growth Fund
FullCircle is a ministry serving families with teens/young adults struggling with a range of issues that can challenge the very foundation of any household. Issues may include substance abuse, addictions such as gambling, pornography, depression, promiscuity, or eating disorders. Our aim is to provide a program that gives support to the entire family, responds to individual needs, affirms your strengths, and, above all, a program that will serve as a safety net so that our children will not fall through the cracks. Visit the FullCircle website here
  Arizona Catholic Schools Disabilities Fund
Responding to the Church's teaching of justice and pastoral care, children with exceptional needs are to be included in the full life of the Church. This inclusion extends to the Church's educational mission: "By reason of their evangelizing mission, Catholic schools should be available to all people who desire a Catholic school education for their children." Exceptional students should be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities and talents in a Catholic School. A Catholic school is an ideal environment that nourishes and enhances the academic, personal and faith formation of all God's children. The school community is greatly enriched and enlightened by the presence of these exceptional students.
  Catholic Community Foundation Operating Fund
The Catholic Community Foundation depends on your generosity to continue the mission of promoting the catholic faith by building resources that last beyond our lifetime! Your donation will help ensure the stability of the Catholic Community until Jesus comes again!
Scholarship - CSA
  Christian Service Award Program
The Christian service awards are granted on a yearly basis to deserving grade 8 students graduating to high school and have demonstrated a commitment to serving their community. The awards are selected based on applications received in August and are granted in February of each year. An independent committee reviews applications and interviews students to select the most deserving. Over $3.2 million of scholarships have been granted since the inception of the program ($8,000 per student, with $2,000 awarded each year of high school).
Scholarship - Tuition Assistance
  CCF Tuition Assistance Program
The annual spend for this fund is used to supplement tuition for those students that are in most need of tuition assistance. Principals from around the Diocese have the ability to request funding from this program.
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